classic data discovery

You search the data tools you have access to  and find 10 potential results, but you are not sure which one is relevant or trustworthy. 

You ask the colleague sitting next to you for help. She has no clue, however, she recommends you ask Frank, he’ll probably know. 

You try to reach Frank. Unfortunately, Frank just left on a 6-week holiday. 

You log a ticket with the IT department asking for help. IT is busy with priority requests and won’t have time for you soon. 

At the end of your wits, you hang a “missing” poster next to the coffee machine and hope someone knows where to find the data you need. 

next level data discovery


If there is one thing you cannot afford to lose, it is your employees’ time and enthusiasm. Rather than having them struggle through your organization’s many reports and sources, have them reach the insights they need effortlessly, so they can focus on what really matters: leveraging data to drive your business forward.

“It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much…”


Arriving on dScribe means landing on a homepage dedicated to 1 thing: helping you find the reports and data you need fast:

One search bar for all your needs. Search through business assets (data definitions, metrics, governance policies…) and technical data assets (reports, datasets, dataset elements…). Browse through reports and datasets, no matter the tool they are stored in.

No need to start your search from scratch. dScribe gives users personalized suggestions, based on community-driven, centrally curated or AI-powered collections.

Search results are prioritized based on relevance (validation status, recently changed, etc.). Need to dive deeper? Users can leverage fully customizable Properties to filter, group or sort results.


Higher adoption & satisfaction

You spend a lot of money on getting your data right. Whether it is BI solutions, hiring data experts or hosting a data lake, you want your investments to pay of. By giving all users an easy entry point and actively recommending data assets, you not only boost adoption, you also increase your users’ satisfaction with your data offering.

Efficiency & time gains

Employees spend hours and days recreating reports and datasets that already exist. By offering them an easy-to-use search bar, they know instantly whether what they need is already available and where.

Easier change management

Reorganizing? Migrating systems? Deprecating or replacing reports or datasets? The experience stays the same: one single entry-point leading each user to the most relevant results, no matter the system they are stored in.

"With dScribe we’ve created a thorough overview of all the available data and reports at De Watergroep. Through the convenient search functionality this overview is rapidly becoming the starting point for handling any new data-related questions and ideas."
Sander Bruynoghe
Analist BI/Monitoring at De Watergroep